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Easy Search🔎

Documents at your fingertips! We have kept the search as simple as possible providing one search bar which does everything.

Information Control🕹

You can create roles to restrict your employees to access specific departments information only. You stay in complete control over the information your employees should have without worrying. Ofcourse you have a log of everything what everyone does.

Unlimited Storage ∞

Our cloud technology allows us to offer you unlimited storage for all your needs. So you can keep growing without any worries of storage or restrictions

Custom Indexs🗂

You can create custom index fields for each of your departments so that information for each file collected is consistent, makes it a breeze for you to retrieve information.

Email Search Results💻

So, you are out of office and you need a document to refer, all you have to do is to send an email from your registered email address with the search words and voila! You have instant results which you can choose from and view in your smart device.

Activity Logs📝

The administrator of your company can access to all activities done for a file user at any point of time.

Secure Emaill🔒

Share your document securely by sending a secure link to the receiptent which can have a time based expiry. So that you have complete control over the information you share!

Works In Any OS🧑‍💻

Our web application is compatible to any OS or most popular web browsers (eg Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera).

Safe & Secure🔐

Security and safety is our priority. All you information are encrypted and can be access only with yo;;ur user credentials. We have mirror servers to ensure data availability at all times.

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Incorporated since 2008 we have evolved from a warehousing document management company to platform based services enabling smart discovery and archival to secure your business information. We manage more than 10 million documents actively for our customers. With our AI and ML based engines we provide recognition and data process automation services for business. This adds value to your paper and non paper based information enabling you to capture and structure data for your use.

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