Solutions to Top 3 challenges to go paperless

  • Digitizing records: Every business generates paper, managing them becomes a task, so what’s the easiest way to keep them handy?? scan / digitize them. It is easier said than done, this means that you have to have good professional scanners and a dedicated team converting them depending on your volumes. There are solutions which can ease this. Especially digitizing records with your smartphone, which is more than capable of helping you going paperless.
  • Applying metadata search tags for discovery: After you digitize the next challenge you face is the discovery of document. If not tagged or named carefully it will be lost in your digital space making it very hard to find. There are solutions based on ArtificiaI Intelligence and Machine Learning to ease this. It becomes a breeze to auto tag / index them making is discoverable exactly when you need them, all this work is done by the application you use. You just have to scan and upload the documents.
  • Secure storage and access control for digital records: Once your documents are digitized and made discoverable you need to have a safe and secure storage solution to ensure availability and control over your information. If not planned carefully, you could end up loosing information or ending up in the wrong hands.

The aim of going paperless is to keep up with the pace required today for quick solid decisions. This is only possible when you can summon your business information in the quickest possible way. These challenges mentioned are the most common which are addressed today by technologies / solutions which can get you on a paperless platform with single step operations. to know more please reach out to

Vinit Chordia – Founder Director

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