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Digitize. Discover. Protect.

Your records at your fingertips!
Securely access it from anywhere, anytime

Store, Tag, Index and Retrieve your records. Be it physical or digital and securely search and retrieve from anywhere. Anytime.

An average company spends 280 hours that is 7.4% of staff time per employee annually, looking for lost documents! Shocked?!

Just take a look around your very own office for proof.

If you are a Chartered accountant firm, a legal firm, a hospital, a manufacturer or run any business that generates a lot of unstructured data, such as:

  • Third party statutory filing data
  • Inter-departmental files
  • Third party invoices
  • Cash vouchers
  • Curriculum Vitae’s
  • Property records and so on….?

Statutory laws also create huge amount of documents that need to be correctly tagged, maintained and retrieved - especially for auditing purposes

And of course, all this physical space can definitely be put to better use than housing dusty files and folders. So is there a simple system that ensures easy storage, tagging, indexing and retrieval of all these records and data, without taking up so much physical space in your office?

Also, can all this information be stored with enterprise grade security?

So, do you dare dream of a paperless office?

That is secure. Easy to store. Search. Retrieve. And most importantly, completely digital?

Records Guru’s Data Vault – solution is the answer!

So what exactly is RecordsGuru and how does it help you?

RecordsGuru is truly the “guru” of records management, providing discovery and retrieval of your data, from anywhere. Anytime. This includes digitization of records, rights-managed storage for unlimited durations, secure records destruction, in addition to physical records storage (optional).

We have been doing this for close to a decade and are fortunate to count several fortune 500 companies as our clients!

  • Cloud based, centralized system that allows user to search and securely access records - from anywhere, anytime.
  • Role & Rights, based access to any level of data – with enterprise grade security
  • Integration into existing ERP systems (SAP or Oracle) or other structured systems for easy cross-referencing
  • Physical copies of the digital files can also be stored, tagged, indexed and retrieved – as and when needed

One time scanning, tagging and uploading services are also provided. Experience your paperless office but have the access to your files – anywhere, anytime!

Key Features & Benefits

5 Million plus Records digitized, across industry leading banks, manufacturers, hospitals, real-estate corporations and multiple departments. (Read, ready-to-deploy solutions with minimal customizations)

A0 to A5 document types – from very large to very small records

Cloud based storage, with granular rights management for access from anywhere, anytime! (read access your files on the move or from anyplace)

Digitization automation for standardized record formats. (Read simple on-going upload of future records generate)

Pre-configured templates, department and industry specific. (Read, extremely simple for on-going upload of new records generated)

Customer testimonials

Perot Systems have been very fortunate to have Recordsguru to us our Business Associate

Throughout the digitization process, we have found their service level unmatched. Professionals in the trust sense, detail oriented and on schedule, it is a pleasure to be associated with Recordguru who are so concerned with customer satisfaction

- Vradhman Jain, Managing Director
Perot Systems Business Process Solutions.

How to start saving documents / records today?

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